Thank you for your interest in TCS!


Here are the details:

•  ALL Tiger fans are welcome. You do not have to be an MU alum.
•  Annual dues are as follows: 

  • Individual ($50 annually)
  • Student ($20 annually) – Must have valid student ID   
  • Family ($100 annually) – Includes immediate family under age of 18   
  • Business ($150 annually)           
  • Gold Sponsor ($300 annually)

•  There will also be membership opportunities for businesses as well as sponsorship opportunities. More info on those to follow.
•  The Club is officially incorporated as a 501(c)3 and the purpose is to support the University of Missouri and Mizzou athletics. Money raised through dues and club activities will be used to support specific things within the Mizzou athletic department. What those “things” are will be determined by the club.
•  Meetings will be held over the lunch hour and is being held currently on Thursdays.
•  Meetings will be once a month initially. If the response is such that we need to go bi-weekly or weekly we will.
•  The Club has the full support of the University of Missouri.
•  There are several former MU football and basketball players in the area and they will be an integral part of the club.

We are approaching 360 members and our board has begun our ‘Drive for Five’ which will be our push to get to 500 members. Simply put, that happens only one way and that is with your help. I personally know several people in and around Springfield who should be members but aren’t yet and I bet most of you can say the same. So we are going to incentivize you to reach out to those folks by offering you one of the greatest motivators of all time…….the free kind. Effective today, any club member who refers a new member to the Tiger Club of Springfield will get a free lunch at one of our upcoming regular monthly meetings held at Springfield Brewing Company. So in essence you are doing your friend a favor by getting them involved and in return they are kind of, sort of doing you a favor by buying your lunch. This offer is good through the 7thof July and is good for as many members as you can recruit. Sign up 12 new members and you’ll be eating Tiger Club lunches on the house for the next year! I am attaching the club application and at the bottom of that application there is a spot that says “referred by”. Your name simply needs to go there if you refer someone.  

Again, thank you for your interest!


We currently have 2 ways for you to join:

1) Join at the next TCS function!

2) Download, complete, and mail the TCS membership application along with a check made payable to Tiger Club of Springfield for the appropriate membership amount.

 The TCS membership application can be downloaded here:

TCS Membership Application

 Mail completed TCS membership applicaiton here:

Attention Ryan Cole TCS
1200-c E Woodhurst Dr 
Springfield Mo 65804

If you have any questions please contact Brian Cheever –


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