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 What is TCS – Tiger Club of Springfield?

New MIZZOU football jerseys on display at TCS meeting Tuesday, April the 24th 2012

TCS is a MIZZOU sports fan club that has the full support of the University of Missouri.  The Club is officially incorporated as a 501(c)3 and the purpose is to support the University of Missouri and Mizzou athletics. Money raised through dues and club activities will be used to support specific things within the Mizzou athletic department. What those “things” are will be determined by the club.


I didn’t graduate from MU.  Can I still join TCS?

ALL Tiger fans are welcome. You do not have to be an MU alum.


What does it cost to join TCS?

Annual dues are as follows: 

  • Individual ($50 annually)
  • Student ($20 annually) – Must have valid student ID   
  • Family ($100 annually) – Includes immediate family under age of 18   
  • Business ($150 annually)           
  • Gold Sponsor ($300 annually)


How often will TCS meetings be held?

Meetings will be once a month initially. If the response is such that we need to go bi-weekly or weekly we will.


Where will TCS meetings be held?

We will hold monthly member’s luncheons at Springfield BrewCo the first Thursday of each month where you will have the opportunity to hear great MIZZOU speakers and receive the latest information related to MIZZOU athletics and Springfield Tiger Club.


TCS meeting with Mike Alden Tuesday, April the 24th 2012

One final note, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Mr. Alden last week and he commented repeatedly on what a great start we have going with our club. The key words in that statement are “our club” because it belongs to all of us. Several of the Coaches also mentioned our club and the great start we are off to and simply put we have the attention of the athletic department and administration at the university. Our board has set a goal to be the biggest and best Tiger Club in the state and the best way to ensure that we continue to get great speakers and great events is to continue to support the functions and meetings of “our club”. This is a great opportunity for us to take a big step in that direction by collectively showing our support to the leader of the University of Missouri Athletic Department. So please make plans to attend and bring some folks with you.Thank you for your interest in The Tiger Club of Springfield!

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